Web Design

Once you have a web hosting service (and linked it with your registered domain name) you are ready to upload a website for the world to view - but first it needs to be built!

If all you need is something basic and you are strapped for cash you could try doing this yourself (or partially by using templates), which is something my Help Guide (on the right) can assist you with (currently under construction). However, if you want a website that behaves professionally in a truly unique way and you don't have the time to learn a huge technical skillset, it would be best to employ a web designer to do it quickly and proficiently. The distinctive outcome will improve your chances of success. Whatever methods you choose, I am happy to give honest advice to customers. In this section I will explain what is involved in creating a website.

I am offering the use of my skills and dynamic endevour to achieve your websites success at a price of only £10 per hour.

To give a rough idea of how long it would take, I am able to produce a basic website (let's say similar to this one) in an 8 hour day providing that you can supply the content. I only charge for successful work, so any individual parts that aren't right for you will be ammended accordingly and you will not pay for the extra time taken. Also, if there happens to be an unusual complex task which I haven't undertaken before - I will not charge for time taken to probelm solve.


First of all we need to be thinking about what the purpose of the website is exactly. What sections and pages will be included? This will help us to consider what kind of tools and features are needed and what areas are to be prioritised. Planning ahead can save a lot of time later on.


How do we get things to work? A basic web page is built using HTML. A combiation of other programming languages are used to improve the quality of design & produce mechanisms which can perform more complex functions. I am thoroughly experienced in using CSS & JavaScript and really enjoy it. I also use PHP if more advanced 'behind the scenes' programming needs to be done. With PHP databses can be utilised for processes such as storing users details when they register and retrieving thier profile data when they log in. This kind of functionality can be achieved bundled into a hosting plan elsewhere, but it will cost you a considerable ammount extra on a monthly fee for the rest of eternity. The difference here is that once I have built this for you it will only cost you once and Eternal Web Hosting remains as cheap as chips.


You can have a say in how you prefer your website to be arranged in terms of layout. Consider which information should grab the users attention. There are many methods for guiding the user through a website through navigation. Also consider how the pages will display differently on a mobile phone as opposed to a PC screen.


Importantly, you need content for your website. That may be informative and descriptive text for instance. Images also class as content such as logos, photos and other decorative images. It does not take long for a proficient web designer such as myself to input the content into an HTML document, add the necessary coding and tweak it to appear correctly. You can partially or fully provide these texts and images to me. Preferably it will be in a digital format, however if you only have it on paper and want me to take the time to type up text and scan images, this can be arranged. If you know what you want but aren't sure quite how to articulate it, I am keen to create content for you (written text & images).


Shapes, colours, themes, animations. Fantasize without limit! Whatever you can imagine to be perfect for your website, I make it a high priority to get the gist of what you have in mind so that it can be achieved. I am highly skilled at using CSS. Again this is something you could try to do yourself, but it's a lot for anyone to get thier head around as a beginner.


Do you need a logo created? Or decoartive imagery? I am highly skilled at image manipulation. I studied Graphic Design at college so there is a keen interest and trained skill here. I specialise in bold bright cartoon imagery of characters & patterns.


If you want high quality photography shot for you, I can arrange this.


If you are selling on eBay or plan to do so, I can create colourful & attractive designs with images for the description section of your item listings.