Web Design


Importantly, you need content for your website. That may be informative and descriptive text for instance. Images also class as content such as logos, photos and other decorative images. You can partially or fully provide these texts and images to me. Preferably it will be in a digital format, however if you only have it on paper and want me to take the time to type up text and scan images, that’s fine. or if you prefer I can create content for you. Whether you give me precise clarification, total artistic license or somewhere inbetween I will happily do this.


Do you need a logo created? Or decoartive imagery? I am highly skilled at image manipulation. I studied Graphic Design at college so there is a keen interest and trained skill here. I have also been well renowned for my bold bright cartoon imagery of characters monsters & patterns.


If you want high quality photography shot for you, I can arrange this.


You can have a say in how you prefer your website to be arranged in terms of layout.


I make it a high priority to get the gist of what you have in mind for your website, so that it turns out as you imagined. Tell me about any colour schemes, shapes and themes you want used.


If you are selling on eBay or plan to do so, I can create colourful & attractive designs with images for the description section of your item listings.